[Dev] Building tizen common 3.0 for x86

Sayan Dasgupta Sayan.Dasgupta at mindtree.com
Thu Jun 30 07:16:27 GMT 2016

Hi Maciej,

Thanks for the information. As you said we merged the common and base manifest files to get the project manifest file.

Before starting the source code download, wanted clarification on certain points :

1)For doing a repo init shall we use the same url i.e.

repo init -u https://<Username>:<HTTPS_Password>@review.tizen.org/gerrit/p/scm/manifest -b tizen -m common.xml

2) if yes, then our understanding is you want us to replace the 'project.xml'  file mentioned in the 'common.xml' file with the merged 'project.xml' file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<include name="_remote.xml" />
<default revision="accepted/tizen_common"
                                      sync-j="4" />
  <include name="common/metadata.xml" />
  <include name="common/prebuilt.xml" />
  <include name="common/projects.xml" /> ****replace this file*****

3)the _remote.xml remains same,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <remote name="tizen-gerrit"

4)Then do a repo sync to get the updated code base.

5)After the entire source code gets syncd, we will use " http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/base/latest/repos/x86_64/packages/x86_64/"
url as the remote repo url in .gbs.config file to successfully get the source code built(resolving dependencies).

Please comment on whether our understanding is right or do we have to make further changes in common.xml & _remote.xml.

We have attached the following files for your reference :
3)merged 'project.xml' after running the shell command given by you.

Sayan Dasgupta.
Mindtree LTD,
Bangalore, India.

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Dnia środa, 29 czerwca 2016 07:47:26 Sayan Dasgupta pisze:
> Hello all,
> For the past few days I have been trying to build Tizen common 3.0 for 
> x86 platform(Desktop and laptops). My aim was to build the entire 
> Tizen common
> 3.0 source code, and flash the image on to USB device, and then boot 
> the TIZEN os from it in x86 platform (Desktop/laptop).
> We followed the steps as mentioned in
> https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/getting-started
> -guid e/cloning-tizen-source for downloading the code base. After 
> doing a repo init we found that the common.xml which was downloaded 
> was pointing to the branch "accepted/tizen_common". As a result when 
> we did a repo sync, all the packages got downloaded from the mentioned 
> branch.

These xml files are provided by scm/manifest repository, which is unfortunately outdated. The build fails, because of few reasons:
1. there are new repositories, which were not added to scm/manifest 2. there is new RPM repository (Tizen Base), which is used by all profiles - there is no information about Tizen Base packages in other profiles 3. some packages were moved (so git paths in manifests are invalid)

Fortunately I think it should be possible to workaround this issue. You will find similar manifests published in every snapshot on every profile. I've attached little script which you can use to merge both Base and Common manifests. Usage:
./manifest-merge.sh base.xml common.xml common > projects.xml

Manifest for Base is here: 

for Common:

There are 2 problems we are aware of:
- mdnsresponer git path was changed, this change will be reflected in next snapshot, so please check if path is platform/upstream/mdnsresponder
- model-config-xu3 git path was also changed - please delete this line.


> But the build failed :
> 1)due to rpm build issues : this are basically make errors, which when 
> we investigated found the code was inconsistent ranging from parameter 
> mismatch, re-declarations to undefined structure member id . 
> 2)dependency
> issues: these errors where basically due to package missing or .so missing.
> We are suspecting the remote repo url which we are providing in the 
> .gbs.config has a version mismatch with the rpms that are locally 
> being built.
> Can you mention a stable branch from which we can download the source 
> code and mention its corresponding 'remote repo url' so that we can 
> successfully built and run tizen common on x86(desktops and laptops).
> I have attached the files which have been mentioned above, the final 
> build status & one of the package building failure log.
> Regards,
> Sayan Dasgupta.
> Engineer,
> Mindtree LTD,
> Bangalore, India.
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Maciej Wereski
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