[Dev] Fwd: Re: Re: Tizen common profile porting on new h/w

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Thu Mar 10 16:15:28 GMT 2016

On 03/10/16 08:32, PINTU KUMAR wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry, to say that there is no file 90-systemd.preset available in the common image under:
> http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/common/latest/images/arm-wayland/common-wayland-3parts-armv7l-odroidu3/
> However, this file is available under 2.4-mobile.
> Please let me know can I create this file manually?

ah... not paying enough attention I see.  I was responding in the context of tizen 3, which I've worked with on the Pi.  the story must be different for 2.4, which I haven't really looked at the insides of.

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