[Dev] Hybrid sample application not communicating in SAMSUNG Z3

Semun Lee sm79.lee at samsung.com
Mon Mar 21 00:49:02 GMT 2016


Since Tizen 2.4, the launch request to a service application is restricted
only for the apps in the same package.
If you want to run your apps in Z3 that runs Tizen 2.4, you need to follow
that policy.

Regarding the multi packaging menu, you could find it in the latest Tizen
2.4 SDK (revision 4).
Please, try to upgrade your SDK.

Best regards,

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		Hi Bhuiyan.
		Could you try HybridWebApp properties -> project references
-> check 'HybridService'
		Then run HybridWebApp again.

		 << OLE Object: Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) >> 

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		Dear Mx. Kang,
		I am using tizen ide with sdk version 2.4.0b which doesn't
show the option for multi(from packaging link). Secondly the same app works
in samsung Z1(tizen 2.3.1) where I am running the samples as two different
package. So is there any work around for this? Or should I install the sdk

		On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 2:23 PM, 강현호
<hhstark.kang at samsung.com> wrote:
		> Hi Bhuiyan.
		> First, hybrid sample application should be packaged with
following process.
		> ation This process is for packaging two different apps in
a same 
		> package id.
		> For security reason, Tizen allow service app launch
permission only to 
		> same package id application.
		> So, if you do not follow above process your web app's
launch service 
		> app request will be rejected.
		> Second, you should change service appid declared in
js/main.js file.
		> If you use Tizen sample application(HybridService app) as
your web 
		> app's service app then you should change it like var
gServiceAppId = 
		> '7W30LSPqzf.hybridservice'
		> Best Regards
		> Hyunho Kang
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		> Subject: [Dev] Hybrid sample application not communicating
		> Z3
		> Hello,
		> I was trying to run the hybrid sample application in
samsung z3(sdk 2.4).
		> It seems it doesn't communicate with the service via
message port. 
		> Could any one tell me what to do to make it work in Z3?
		> Thanks in advance.
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