[Dev] How can I make Native Application on Tizen TV?

Baek Seung Hoon seung51hoon at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:31:42 GMT 2016

Hi, Everyone.

I want to make native application on Tizen TV, version 2.4.
I'm working on a making transition screen using GLES with image textures,
and in order to show transition effects, used Shader codes.

As you know that Tizen TV SDK couldn't support any native application, only
support web.
However I think that If I use RPM manager and following "packaing rules"
for Tizen app, It may possible create native application.

Those are just my assumption, is it possible.. ?
 or How can I make native app on Tizen TV..?

Thank you for your attention
Seunghoon, Baek
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