[Dev]  SDL support on Tizen (???) 

Peter jini at zeus.net.au
Wed May 25 12:14:14 GMT 2016

+1 Peter

It's a more widely supported way of abstracting underlying windowing systems and hardware.  Enlightenment is nice, but will be detrimental to adoption if its the only way of using opengles (or vulcan when it's supported).

Especially since we're not allowed to use the window manager directly.

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Hi All,? 

I would like to propose using SDL 2.0 (Simple DirectMedia Layer) as Tizen porting layer for game/game engines. 

Currently, Evas_GL is the only available interface to use OpenGL ES on Tizen. 

Though Evas_GL is simple and efficient interface for EFL widget based applications to access openGL ES, 
to attract more game/engine developer community towards Tizen, it should support even more widely adopted cross-platform interface. 

I think SDL 2.0 is definitely a good candidate in this respect. 

* Major Benefits include 

-  Provides direct access to OpenGL ES API without any wrapper (fast) 

-  Uses platform independent Window & Event handling API (portability) 

-  Vulkan interface can be provided easily compare to Evas_Vulkan. (Evas vulkan backend is not yet ready) 

* Possible Constraint is 

-  Increases verification scope for tizen release 

Do you see any other benefit or Constraint?  

Please share your opinions about this.  

Best Regards, 


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