[Dev]   SDL support on Tizen

Peter jini at zeus.net.au
Sat May 28 00:20:53 GMT 2016

I started writing java bindings for Tizen (on github).  I was impressed by the object orientated nature of Enlightenment and how easy it is to hand craft java bindings for, following the inheritance hierarchy.  Tools that generate bindings don't do so well.

JOGL and JOAL bindings already exist, but I can't get access to a native window on which to draw.

What I'd like is a standard way to get a window (full screen) on which to draw using opengles.   Events can be used to gracefully get out of the way, suspend etc.  I need some kind of compatibility layer between JoGL and enlightenment to make it work.

A headless jvm works, 2d and widgets will, but 3D I haven't figured out.



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