[Dev] About Installation of the Tizen Studio 1.0

Carsten Haitzler c.haitzler at samsung.com
Wed Nov 2 01:56:52 GMT 2016

On Wed, 02 Nov 2016 10:46:12 +0900
nicesj <nicesj at nicesj.com> wrote:

> Dear Developers,.
> I have two questions about Tizen Studio.
> 1. Text is not displayed properly while installing it.
> 2. Are there any way to choose the Tizen 3.0 package repository?
> 1. Text issue
>     I'm not sure that this mailing list is proper for asking about
> Tizen Studio.
>     I'm trying to install the Tizen Studio 1.0,.
>     I would like to select (or change) the package repository,. So I
> opened Package Manager Configuration Window.
>     But,. I cannot read text in that window.. Just I only can assume
> what it is...
>     Are there any options to see the text in a window properly or
> resize the windows?
>     Here is a link of captured image.
>     (I don't want to fill your email box with my attachment, so I
> leave its link. Sorry for inconvenience.)
>     http://nicesj.com/tmp/tizenstudio-window.png
>     I'm using the MS Surface Pro 3.
>     And the screen resolution is 2160 x 1440.
>     OS is Windows 10.
>     Please let me know if you need any further information.
> 2. Tizen 3.0 package repository.
>    Is it possible to access Tizen 3.0 Package repository of Tizen
> Studio to create a new project based on Tizen 3.0?

oh ... that screenshot looks like the classic "scaling ui and i refuse
to design my ui to scale" issue.

let me expand. this issue exists on tizen itself too and people
avoid/refuse to use widgets properly in order to make ui's resizable
and scaleable. i spent a lot of time trying to tell one guy to stop
using elm_grid. this is why i fought against such a thing but the people
doing the ui designer want a simple layout to just drag and drop and
place/size manually. the problem is this mentality of "must have
simple" leads to the EXACT kind of problem above. i gave up, made
elm_grid, and let the shooting of the feet begin. i guess the only way
to learn is by the path of pain.

so... the above i can just SMELL is a similar issue. your fonts and
bigger. likely a higher dpi screen. windows (it seems) is making
everything bigger. the problem is a lot of the ui seems to have been
manually placed/laid out by someone with a lower resolution screen thus
smaller (in pixels) widgets. when yours have gotten bigger, some parts
seem to lay out ok, others not. i suspect a box/table with proper
minimum size handling has been used for some parts but others have not
been given that level of thought and thus have been made a fixed size
in pixels and placed at a fixed place... and BOOM. your problem above.

the solution of course is to fix this by using proper layout/container
widgets that lay things out based on the sizing of their children and
thus account for minimum sizes as they expand on higher dpi screens
(the button, label etc. gets bigger due to font getting bigger or
padding/spacing getting bigger).

:) until that is fixed you probably are going to have issues dealing
with the ui.

i just thought this was a good time to say "see - this is what i keep
talking about and WHY doing a good toolkit is hard and WHY we cant make
things simple for you because we have to handle these scenarios and
just because the scenario doesn't happen now?today, does not mean it
wont happen next year". everyone who builds a ui should worry about
this and ensure their ui layout works with resizing and scaling up and
down of the ui within a reasonable range.

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