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Philippe Coval philippe.coval.pro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 12:31:56 GMT 2016

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 5:22 AM, Scott Zhang <macromarship at gmail.com> wrote:

> How to boot into a normal lapto to see the effect? Maybe an emulator or
> qemu?
> I have use the wayland x86_64 ks file and package and get following files
> [marship at localhost mic-output]$ ls
> common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-201610310107.packages
> common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-201610310107-sda.bmapcommon-wayland-mbr-x86_64-
> 201610310107-sda.raw.bz2
> common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-201610310107-vmlinuz-3.14.28+
> ltsi-25.60-common-x86_64-default
> common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-201610310107.xml
> manifest.json
> Then I use bmaptool to copy the bz2 file into a usb sticker, and boot my
> laptop Thinkpad e531, then I get error message"
> Syslinux xxxxxxx
> Boot Error

It looks like your system is not supported, have you also tried prebuilt
images ?
like those listed on wiki

I remember to have booted on lenovo x230



then compare to


If not please report bugs on https://bugs.tizen.org/jira
 and share links here if no feedback


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