[Dev] Regarding Tizen Emulator on Windows 10 Guest OS of Hyper-V

이종수 jlee3377 at tilon.com
Tue Nov 15 12:04:29 GMT 2016

Dear whom it may concern!

Hi there~
I have a problem regarding installation of Tizen emulator.
We are developing software in the Virtual machine which is Microsoft Hyper-V for security reason.
However, we are starting to work Tizen for now, and we have had tried to install Tizen emulator on Windows 10 which is on Hyper-V.
It works only I turn off the CPU VT and GPU Off.
It works very slowly and not works properly.
I’m wondering if there is a solution or suggestion?.
Please tell us your knowledge or opinion!
I’m looking forward to waiting your response!

Best regards,

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