[Dev] [Feedback needed] Accelerated 2D/3D graphics in Tizen SDK emulator

Vasily Ulyanov v.ulyanov at samsung.com
Thu Aug 3 16:24:08 UTC 2017

Dear Tizen Developers,

Hello. My name is Vasiliy. For already quite a while I've been working on
Emulator Graphics project. Its main goal is to provide hardware accelerated
2D/3D graphics inside Tizen SDK emulator. In a few words, our team develops the
virtual video driver as well as graphics API implementation (EGL/GLES) for

So far we've been adding features according to the main Tizen developement
roadmap but without even trying to get feedback from the developers who use
Tizen SDK emulator. I really hope there are some of them here :)

In fact, I wanted to ask if someone had ever tried to use Tizen emulator for
developing e.g. GLES apps. I'd be glad to get any feedback, either positive or
negative, regarding such experience. Any suggestions about missing features or
improvements are also welcome.

Currently we are thinking about features we could possibly add to Tizen. However
it is not clear what is going to be in demand by developers. E.g. new modern
Vulkan API? Specialized graphics profiler/degugger? If anyone has some
thoughts about the matter, it would be great to discuss. In fact I'd
appreciate any kind of feedback as it would help us better understand the
needs of Tizen developers.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Vasily Ulyanov

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