[Dev] Porting Tizen to a beaglebone black & booting issue.

MyungJoo Ham myungjoo.ham at samsung.com
Fri Dec 15 03:54:05 UTC 2017

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>Title  : [Dev] Porting Tizen to a beaglebone black & booting issue.
>First of all, I’m sorry for this spam-like mail.
>I am currently porting Tizen3.0 to my Beaglebone black single-board computer, which is based on TI AM335x CPU.
>I used the prebuilt 'tizen-3.0-mobile_20171211.1_mobile-wayland-armv7l-tm2.tar.gz’  as my rootfs, and changed following kernel build options of the original linux kernel for the board:
> Enable SMACK and change set it as default
> Disable DNOTIFY
>When I booted this image, as you may expect, it doesn’t work with following booting log.
>Please can anyone give me some advices to get next stpes?


There were some complaints that my previous message was not readable in some clients; so I'm reposting this.


It appears that you've successfully booted the system up.

However, it went to sleep (suspend to RAM) after boot-up, which made you think the system is turned off (or not responsive).


I'd propose you to disable suspend-to-RAM capability until you configure all related changes.






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