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Vitaliy Potapov noginsk at rambler.ru
Fri Dec 15 10:30:59 UTC 2017

Hi BugBountyTeam!
I've received your emails and responded on the same day. Maybe it was moved to
spam?Could you re-check on your side because it seems to be an important issue if
some letters didn't reach you.Here are the raw content of my reply on July, 7:

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Sensitive information with vulnerability steps and code is attached as encr=

Tested on TV:

MN : UE49K5500=20
PD : --/--/----=20
SN : 0BL73LDHA00871E=20
FW : T-HKMFKDEUC-1180.5=20
FC : SWU-OU_T-HKMFKDEUC_1180_170530=20
MA : B8BBAF0CC15B=20
VS : 1180.170530

Thank you.

Anyway I will re-submit both vulnerabilities today from another email (on
Thank you!

-- Regards,
Vitaliy Potapov

  15.12.2017, 13:23, SecBugBounty <secbugbounty at samsung.com>

  Dear, Vitaliy Potapov

  As we checked, you reported 2 submissions to Samsung TV Bug Bounty on

  After we received your submissions, we answered you and asked you more
  information about the issues via e-mail.

  We have been handling each bug bounty report with the 2 week-window. It
  doesn't seem our initially response reached you and your follow-up response
  got back to us within 2 weeks.

  We will appreciate it if you can resubmit your report to Samsung TV Bug
  Bounty. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  Thanks again for your contibution to Tizen.

  We hope to see you soon on our program. https://samsungtvbounty.com

  Best regards,

  Samsung Smart TV Bug Bounty Team


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