[Dev] References images that contains libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm

Hee-cheol Yang heecheol.yang at outlook.com
Sat Dec 16 08:48:57 UTC 2017

Hello,first of all, thank you for all your kind advices.

I disabled suspend feature first, and my board doesn't get freeze. I will find what make it get freeze later.

Anyway, now I am struggling to enable the Tizen UI on my HDMI Monitor. It seems that I need to port libtbm and libtdm backends because my reference image is built  with exynos backends.

As my CPU supports DRM, I am trying to replace them with libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm. But it is hard to find reference images because most images in download.tizen.org uses its own backends  for the SOC that they are running upon.

So could you tell me if is there any reference board or sample image that runs upon drm?

Best regards
Heecheol Yang

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>Title  : [Dev] Porting Tizen to a beaglebone black & booting issue.
>First of all, I’m sorry for this spam-like mail.
>I am currently porting Tizen3.0 to my Beaglebone black single-board computer, which is based on TI AM335x CPU.
>I used the prebuilt 'tizen-3.0-mobile_20171211.1_mobile-wayland-armv7l-tm2.tar.gz’  as my rootfs, and changed following kernel build options of the original linux kernel for the board:
> Enable SMACK and change set it as default
> Disable DNOTIFY
>When I booted this image, as you may expect, it doesn’t work with following booting log.
>Please can anyone give me some advices to get next stpes?


There were some complaints that my previous message was not readable in some clients; so I'm reposting this.


It appears that you've successfully booted the system up.

However, it went to sleep (suspend to RAM) after boot-up, which made you think the system is turned off (or not responsive).

I'd propose you to disable suspend-to-RAM capability until you configure all related changes.



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