[Dev] References images that contains libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm

MyungJoo Ham myungjoo.ham at samsung.com
Mon Dec 18 00:35:01 UTC 2017

> Hello,first of all, thank you for all your kind advices. 
> I disabled suspend feature first, and my board doesn't get freeze. I will find what make it get freeze later.
> Anyway, now I am struggling to enable the Tizen UI on my HDMI Monitor. It seems that I need to port libtbm and libtdm backends because my reference image is built  with exynos backends. 
> As my CPU supports DRM, I am trying to replace them with libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm. But it is hard to find reference images because most images in download.tizen.org uses its own backends  for the SOC that they are running upon.
> So could you tell me if is there any reference board or sample image that runs upon drm?
> Best regards 
> Heecheol Yang

I guess that any Exynos-based and x86/x64-based references would be using DRM. There would be Non-Exynos ARM boards that use DRM as well, but I cannot be sure which supports DRM.

CC: Inki Dae: could you please give him some hints on this matter? I'm not that well-aware of display-related technologies or recent Tizen changes.


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