[Dev] References images that contains libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm

Hee-cheol Yang heecheol.yang at outlook.com
Wed Dec 20 13:04:54 UTC 2017

Hi all.
Thank you for your advices.
I checked what many people said to me in previous mails and (as you may expected) there were some strange things in my boot logs.

  1.  There was no ENABLE_PP configuration in my Linux kernel configuration. I am currently using 4.4 mainline. What is the purpose of this option?
  2.  When I tested dlogutil ‘TBM’ and ‘TDM’, the both commands print the same error messages:

root at localhost:~# dlogutil TDM
Error: Could not connect to socket /run/dlog/main.ctl!
Error: Could not connect to socket /run/dlog/system.ctl!
Error: Could not connect to socket /run/dlog/apps.ctl!

  1.  As shown in attacted boot log, there are a lot of ‘SMACK-related error messages’. In fact, I think it is actually the first challenge I should address:

[  605.475902] audit: type=1300 audit(946685404.800:282): arch=40000028 syscall=5 per=800000 success=no exit=-13 a0=beb44430 a1=a0000 a2=1b6 a3=1b6 items=0 ppid=2 pid=1110 auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 euid=0 suid=0 fsuid=0 egid=0 sgid=0 fsgid=0 tty=(none) ses=4294967295 comm="systemd-cgroups" exe="/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-cgroups-agent" subj=_ key=(null)

I am very sorry bothering all you with asking basic and tedious qustions.
I really appreciate of your help.

Best regards.
Heecheol Yang.

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제목: Re: [Dev] References images that contains libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm

It seems libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm should work fine as you said.
But, sometimes we face the unexpected problem when testing new target device.
Could you check if any TBM or TDM error logs are in your board? you can check them with "dlogutil TBM" and "dlogutil TDM".
On 2017년 12월 18일 13:06, Hee-cheol Yang wrote:

Hello, thank you very much for your mail.
I am using beaglebone black singleboard computer, which is based on TI's AM335x SOC.

This board supports Linux mainline kernel wirh board-specific patches and my kernel version is mainline 4.4

When I read your wiki section, I thought that I don't need to port the backends because the libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm are for the modules to support the platforms which provieds standard drm interfaces like my board.

Anyway, thanks a lot your help and I will check whether ENABLE_PP is set or not in my kernel.

Best regards.
Heecheol Yang

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제목: Re: [Dev]  References images that contains libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm

Hi Hee-cheol,

2017년 12월 18일 09:35에 MyungJoo Ham 이(가) 쓴 글:
>> Hello,first of all, thank you for all your kind advices.
>> I disabled suspend feature first, and my board doesn't get freeze. I will find what make it get freeze later.
>> Anyway, now I am struggling to enable the Tizen UI on my HDMI Monitor. It seems that I need to port libtbm and libtdm backends because my reference image is built  with exynos backends.
>> As my CPU supports DRM, I am trying to replace them with libtbm-dumb and libtdm-drm. But it is hard to find reference images because most images in download.tizen.org uses its own backends  for the SOC that they are running upon.
>> So could you tell me if is there any reference board or sample image that runs upon drm?

TBM and TDM backend are Tizen HAL modules dependent on Hardware and its kernel. So you would need to implement these HALs - TBM and TDM backends. You can refer to below porting guide.

If your board uses mainline kernel which never include in-house code then you could use libtbm-dump and even libtdm-drm(by disabling ENABLE_PP config) packages below by installing them on your target.

What hardware and Linux kernels are you using? If you give me more details about your env. then I may give you more advices.

Inki Dae

>> Best regards
>> Heecheol Yang
> I guess that any Exynos-based and x86/x64-based references would be using DRM. There would be Non-Exynos ARM boards that use DRM as well, but I cannot be sure which supports DRM.
> CC: Inki Dae: could you please give him some hints on this matter? I'm not that well-aware of display-related technologies or recent Tizen changes.
> Cheers,
> MyungJoo


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