[Dev] FOSDEM community event

Philippe Coval philippe.coval.pro at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 15:54:58 GMT 2017

Hi every one and Hacky New Year !

I am posting to Tizen, IoTivity and GENIVI, AGL (automotive) lists,
to announce FOSDEM (the biggest FLOSS event in europe).

Many developers will be there to present respective projects,

Track us at:

I was also wondering, if side events are also planned ?
If not I can propose one:

Tizen community used to have a dinner those past years,
and many automotive/iot developers were there,
so I thought it would be fairer and more accurate to rename it
to something more general like "connected things" ?

As all feedbacks I got were positive,
I am suggesting to met again a the same place, same Saturday,
we can also join in a bar too.

Is it a good idea ?

You'll find details on previous editions at:

To talk further about it please respond, or join next online meeting
(2017-01-10 23h UTC)

Or we can define an other time that is better for EU.


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