[Dev] 27000 errors in the Tizen operating system

Andrey Karpov karpov at viva64.com
Thu Jul 13 11:26:35 UTC 2017

Hello All,

This article will demonstrate that during the development of large 
projects static analysis is not just a useful, but a completely 
necessary part of the development process. This article is the first one 
in a series of posts, devoted to the ability to use PVS-Studio static 
analyzer to improve the quality and reliability of the Tizen operating 
system. For a start, I checked a small part of the code of the operating 
system (3.3%) and noted down about 900 warnings pointing to real errors. 
If we extrapolate the results, we will see that our team is able to 
detect and fix about 27000 errors in Tizen. Using the results of the 
conducted study, I made a presentation for the demonstration to the 
Samsung representatives with the offers about possible cooperation. The 
meeting was postponed, that is why I decided not to waste time and 
transform the material of the presentation to an article: 

Best regards,
Andrey Karpov, Microsoft MVP,
Ph.D. in Mathematics, CTO
"Program Verification Systems" Co Ltd.

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