[Dev] Our team is ready to fix more than 25000 defects in Tizen

Andrey Karpov karpov at viva64.com
Wed Jun 7 08:25:06 UTC 2017


I am one of the developers of PVS-Studio static code analyzer. I have 
recently written an open letter, where I suggested Samsung company to 
use our services of searching and fixing bugs in the Tizen code: 

I have also done a research, where I tried to evaluate the approximate 
amount of errors that our team can find and fix. I have checked about 
3.3% of the Tizen code and have estimated the number of code fragments 
that are worth fixing. In general, we can find 27000 defects that would 
be useful to fix. Here is a presentation on this topic: 

Best regards,
Andrey Karpov, Microsoft MVP,
Ph.D. in Mathematics, CTO
"Program Verification Systems" Co Ltd.
URL: www.viva64.com
E-Mail: karpov at viva64.com

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