[Dev] Looking for Tizen 4.0 M1 gbs repos

jinmin jinmin at samsung.com
Fri Jun 9 05:14:29 UTC 2017

Hi, Philippe, 


It looks like that there was miscommunication inside the team. Anyway, now, all stable repos for Tizen 4.0 M1 Release have been moved to the download server. 

Please, find the official repos for Tizen 4.0 M1 below link. 


http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m1/ <http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m1/tizen-base_20170520.1/> tizen-base_20170520.1/ <http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m1/> 

http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m1/ <http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m1/tizen-unified_20170529.1> tizen-unified_20170529.1 <http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/4.0.m> 








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If you didnt noticed a version of tizen unified have been released recently:


But I didnt find gbs repo for that specific release, I expected it in:


All I've found are daily/weekly and snapshots but I am looking for an address that will stay stable and reachable over time.


Can you suggests any ?





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