[Dev] AGL framework now leverages systemd

José Bollo jobol at nonadev.net
Mon Mar 27 13:37:39 GMT 2017

Hello Tizen community,

AGL framework is a kind of fork of the Tizen 3 framework. From tizen 3,
it uses either Smack, Cynara and Security manager.

This message is relaying a major evolution of this friendly framework
for the sake of sharing common knowledge.

As announced in Tokyo [1][2], the AGL framework now in master
leverages features of systemd. To achieve it, IoT.bzh replaced its
application launcher with systemd. The unit files required by systemd
are computed during installation.

This major evolution has many good benefits:
 - managing applications using cgroups is now a matter of tuning
 - supporting namespaces and/or chroot is now a matter of tuning
 - autostart of applications (homescreen?) is available
 - applications can now provide their API (bindings) to other
   applications (solving issue of Navi & POI) as service does
   with possible autostart
 - system/integration configuration through afm-unit.conf is powerful 
 - the overall code is simpler

At the same time the framework also allows now to install more than just
one application by widget, allowing, for example, to provide in the same
package the service, the application, the setup ...

For developers, the biggest change is when writing config.xml. The
documentation was updated and is avalaible in raw here [3].

Best regards
José Bollo


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