[Dev] Tizen security-manager package download for Ubuntu

Tomasz Swierczek t.swierczek at samsung.com
Thu Oct 26 09:19:02 UTC 2017

Dear Vamsinag Gunti,


Current security-manager is a highly Tizen specific package. Like Philippe
Coval mentioned, its main development goes on tizen.org. There is, however,
also a version on github, periodically updated, here:


I doubt you will be able to build without some tinckering for Ubuntu, for
sure we do not maintain/keep packages for this distro "out-of-the-box".
There is a small chance that older versions from github will be able to be
build without so many Tizen-specific depdencies (like tizen-platform-config
package) - that used to be our nice-to-have goal some time ago: to make
Tizen security FW buildable for other systems - however, at least in
security-manager case, as development went on, more Tizen specific
dependencies were needed so now its no longer possible. Unfortunately, I
can't tell right now which commit you may try to checkout from github.


Also, if you have problems with dependencies, most likely you have problem
with non-standard Tizen packages like cynara.


You can find them under https://github.com/Samsung/
<https://github.com/Samsung/%3cname> <name> (cynara is there and should be
build-able for Ubuntu with standard build env. (make/cmake/gcc)).


Good Luck & Best Regards,




Tomasz Świerczek

Samsung R&D Institute Poland

Samsung Electronics

Office +48 22 377 95 59

Cell +48 503 135 021

t.swierczek at samsung.com


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I am building a framework which has a dependency on Tizen's security-manager
package. Is it available as a download for installing on Ubuntu 16.04?


Thanks in advance.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards 

Vamsinag Gunti

Mobil +49 17623350414 

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