[Dev] MuxPi and Hardware Testing

Ioannis Valasakis code at wizofe.uk
Sat Feb 17 13:08:46 UTC 2018

Hi Tizenees, 

I am looking to get in hand a MuxPi board as I want to create a CI for Hardware Testing for 

KANOS (www.kano.me), our Open Source based Teaching OS for Raspberry Pi 3 (ARM based).

It would be amazing if I could buy a board from somebody who was developed one already

or if there's any people interested enough to get some made/at least some PCB's.

Ideally though, I would be happy to acquire one just to do some first line testing and see

if this is a way that I can use it to test our development product.


ioannis a.k.a. wizofe

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