[Dev] Loading shared objects of application from platform libraries

Tomasz Swierczek t.swierczek at samsung.com
Tue May 7 05:21:23 UTC 2019

Hello Parichay, Kapoor,


1)      Can you elaborate more on why a system component – which you RPM will be – should open an SO file provided by application?


2)      From your earlier emails from the mailing list I can see that your system component is an SO file (subject “[Dev] Adding new rpm package to tizen emulator+SDK”) – how is it run? Which process uses it? Is it a system service? If yes, which one?


3)      Can you list up the attributes if SO file *provided by the application* (its location after the application is installed, with full path on the system plus output of chsmack <the path>?)


In general, depending on which Tizen version your device has (I am assuming Tizen version 3.0 or higher), there should be nothing that prevents system components (run with Smack labels User, System or System::Privileged) to manipulate application binaries (execute/read them) – most importantly, because application launcher (also a system component!) needs to be able to properly execute applications, which can freely contain some SO files of their own (like ie. org.tizen.contacts app has under its ./lib/ subdirectory where it is installed). However, in principle, running application code (considered typically unsafe) in context of a system service (which I’m assuming you’re not doing, however, I’m asking number 2. just to be sure), can possibly be a little bit dangerous.


Also, if you say that you try to load the SO file of the app somehow and cannot do it – how exactly do you try to do it? Can you list some errors/actions taken to do it so I could help you more? For sure the system loader doesn’t have the apps/<id>/lib path of each application in its searching path – are you sure you’re trying to load the SO file from proper location?


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We are making a new package for tizen along with its c-api for Tizen. One of the features of the package is to run a shared-object .so file provided by the application. (package loads model.so from the application and executes it)

However, I am not able to load the shared object from the application in the package.

This is most likely due tizen security policy, which does not allow loading shared objects of application from platform libraries.


Is there any work around for this?





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