[Tizen General] Visualize the hisotry of Tizen

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Mer is based on MeeGo imo, but if you want confirmation, ask the Mer guys ;)
(most of them read this mailing list btw)


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Subject: Re: [Tizen General] Visualize the hisotry of Tizen
Thanks Olivier!!!

I modified it.

But I worried about one point.

According to Wikipedia, Mer was launched before MeeGo.
And it stops for MeeGo and restart with community.

I couldn't find above in Mer official site.
Is Wikipedia right?


2012/8/6 olivier nyssen <nyssen at yahoo.com>:
> afaik: Moblin (Intel) and Maemo (Nokia) were merged into MeeGo (Qt
> framework)
> Mer was created after MeeGo's death, as a community effort. (Qt framework).
> Mer is used in the Vivaldi tablet and the Jolla phones.
> Mer has a website: merproject; you'll find more info there.
> LiMo existed long before MeeGo, but was renamed as Tizen (EFL framework)
> when Intel joined Samsung.
> Bada is not part of this family ;)
> Regards,
> Olivier
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> Subject: [Tizen General] Visualize the hisotry of Tizen
> Hi all
> I'm working on visualizing the history of Tizen.
> https://github.com/kumadasu/tizen-history
> I feel that the Tizen's background is very complicated.
> Some recognize Tizen as the next of MeeGo.
> Is this really correct?
> There are Tizen, MeeGo, Maemo, Mer, Bada etc...
> And there are mobile and IVI.
> I want to clarify the background of Tizen.
> If you are interested in this project,
> please help us(me) .
> Please point out any errors to me.
> Cheers,
> Kumadasu
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