[Tizen General] Building Project from Git

Imen ABBES abess.imen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 14:32:37 GMT 2012

hi all,

I have a littel problem in building, debugging and running a project from
Well i downloaded the project 'app-core' (git :/ / review.tizen.org / pkgs /
a / app-core.git) as expressed in the Help Contents.

when I wanted to make 'package bulding' it pulls me out an error "dpkg-
checkbuilddeps: (Set env.var. SBOX_CHECKBUILDDEPS_VERBOSE =' y 'and run
this command again to get more details)"

So i have to install the packages into my build system using Package

By running the Package Manager tool:

In the source List i have : deb
http://download.tizen.org/releases/1.0/apt.sbs/i386 SLP2-target main contrib
But in the Package Name what should i mention?
Even when I try to add the pakages from the file system I don't find a file
type( *. deb )to add.

So i don't know how to do the 'bild package' to have packages  ,like
mentioned in the help contents, under the folder TizenEmulator.

Am i missing something?

Best Regards,
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