[Tizen General] Sentimental Tizen SDK Installer

Joon-Cheol Park jooncheol at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 14:47:20 GMT 2012

Hi List,

I'd like to introduce my funny project: The Sentimental Tizen SDK Installer

It's a alternative tizen sdk installer which supports PackageKit.
I saw email on this list that samsung will announce next release of
tizen sdk soon.
So this funny project may be available to enjoy until that time. :-)

It's tested on:
* Ubuntu 11.10 32bit - working fine
* Ubuntu 11.04 64bit - installed emulator looks not work properly
(original purpose of this was to use on my 64bit machine. TT hope
tizen'll support 64bit soon)
* Mac OS X 10.7 - only available install files

You can see the screen shots and detail explanation in:


* PackageKit supports for all linux distros
* Cross platform – Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and other platforms
(32/64Bit) Qt4 supports.
* HTTP/Socks5 Proxy supports
* Very detailed and frankly installation log/status display
* Compatible with Alpha release Official Tizen SDK Installer on Linux
* Most Sentimental SDK installer ever

Best Regards,

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