[Tizen General] mapping review.tizen.org <-> build.tizen.org

Jan-Simon Möller dl9pf at gmx.de
Fri Oct 11 12:43:17 GMT 2013

Hi JF.Ding,

thanks for your reply.

On Friday 11 October 2013 20:04:53 Jian-feng Ding wrote:
> > This works for a snapshot, true. How about the tip ?
> It's the clue to figure out which git is being used in OBS (and then
> repos/images). So for 'tip', just looking for the latest snapshot.

Well and this is what I want. Mapping back from what OBS builds to the git. 
Reproducible and unique. 
Right now what I can see is:

* git-obs-mapping  provides general rules like  branch "tizen" in all git 
repos goes into "Tizen" in OBS. Fine.

* Not all git branches have a branch "tizen" and "master". "master" should be 
an alias to tizen IMHO for simplicity.

* In OBS some specfiles have a VCS tag. Which holds this information. BUT not 
all packages have this tag. 

I can guess and crawl through git trees ... c'mon, that is not what we want.


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