[Tizen General] unable to clone tizen repositories via ssh

Kanevskiy, Alexander alexander.kanevskiy at intel.com
Thu Oct 31 10:09:27 GMT 2013

On 31/10/13 08:28 , "Prathamesh P Ghanekar" <prathamesh.ghanekar at igate.com<mailto:prathamesh.ghanekar at igate.com>> wrote:

Please check that your proxy is allowing connections to outside world for required ports.

If proxy is behaiving correctly, you should see similar output like below:

$ nc -v -x proxy.company.com:1080 review.tizen.org 29418
Connection to review.tizen.org port 29418 [tcp/*] succeeded!
SSH-2.0-GerritCodeReview_2.6.1.20130902 (SSHD-CORE-0.6.0)

I wish to build TIZEN IVI for FreeScale iMX.6 board using GBS build system.
I started with the steps mentioned in the developers’ guide.( https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/clone-tizen-source)

1)My .ssh/config file looks like follows:
Host tizen
  Hostname review.tizen.org
  IdentityFile /home/patni/.ssh/id_rsa
  User prathamesh
  Port 29418

Host review.tizen.org
  Hostname review.tizen.org
  IdentityFile /home/patni/.ssh/id_rsa
  User prathamesh
  Port 29418
ProxyCommand nc -X5 -x <proxyuser>:<proxypassword>@<proxyserver>:8080 %h %p

2)And following is my ~/.gitconfig file:
        name = prathamesh ghanekar
        email = prathamesh.ghanekar at igate.com<mailto:prathamesh.ghanekar at igate.com>
        proxy = "http://<user>:<password>@<proxyserver>:8080"
        proxy = https://<user>:<password>@<proxyserver>:8080<https://%3cuser%3e:%3cpassword%3e@%3cproxyserver%3e:8080>

3)After uploading SSH public key and generating https password from TIZEN gerrit,I tried all of the following commands, but none worked:
>ssh tizen
>ssh review.tizen.org
>ssh review.tizen.org –p 29418

All of them gave me the same error as follows:
>ssh: connect to host review.tizen.org port 29418: Connection refused

4) Since, this did not work, I chose the other option i.e. cloning repositories using https instead of ssh.
After downloading repo, I tried to initialize repo with following command:
>repo init -u https://prathamesh:<HTTP_Password>@review.tizen.org/gerrit/p/scm/manifest -b tizen -m ivi.xml<https://prathamesh:%3cHTTP_Password%3e@review.tizen.org/gerrit/p/scm/manifest%20-b%20tizen%20-m%20ivi.xml>

But, I ended up getting following error:
fatal: Cannot get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/clone.bundle
fatal: error [Errno -2] Name or service not known

N.B. My firewall(ufw) is disabled and iptables are cleared.

Could you please help me out with these errors??
Thanks in advance.


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