[Tizen General] Enquiry for navit + qt5 tizen patches..

Shrikant Bobade bobadeshrikant at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 13:21:39 GMT 2013


To run navit(svn rev 5196) with qt5, I have came across navit + qt5
patches, i.e.

I am quite new to the tizen,
so not much aware of qt5 exact version used for these patches ?

Are these qt5 patches compatible with qt5 community release,
As I can see  these patches  have used QDeclarativeView to QtQuickView.
while using QtQuickView in qml components, got undeclared ref.
                 I have tried  replacing QtQuickView class. with QQuickView
class. w.r.to qt4 to qt5 porting guide.

Please share pointers or references if any.

It will be a great help.

Thanks in Advance !

Best Regards
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