[Tizen General] Tizen platform development tools survey : dropping 32bit linux support

Artem Bityutskiy artem.bityutskiy at linux.intel.com
Mon Sep 23 13:21:08 GMT 2013


I do agree with many of your points. But I really would like to refrain
from diverging from the main point. Let me try to summarize like this.

The team briefly explained why they would like to drop 32-bit support:

a) They suspect there are no/very few users, and the survey is about
learning about this for sure.
b) There are specific bugs related to quemu which they have no resources
to fix. These bugs are long-standing, and there is no indication that
they are going to be fixed.

That's about it, AFAIU.

Now, "self-hosting" thing is great. "If mic/gbs works for PC, it should
just work for Mobile" is even better. I am all for it. Would be really
cool, honestly.

But I think the tools team is very practical. They have limited amount
of resources, and hours in the day. They are trying to drop less
important things in favor of more important.

I fully understand them. They have a feature which they carry, which
consumes resources (both HW and human), but does not work for long time.
They have a challenge - fix it or drop it. 

To make them fix it we should come up with good justification why it is
important right now. Or just send them a link to patches in upstream
quemu which fix the problem. Or something like that. Otherwise, why
would they support the feature?

And then the other point I was trying to make is that there are many
problematic areas, and I gave an example with signing images. Or look at
how many troubles people have with mic / gbs and arm builds, check
archives. Should the tools team invest more time to that, may be? I
think yes.

So, judge yourself. My judgment is that I'd rather spent time on
different things, which I personally believe are more important. I would
be happy to also see mic/gbs to "just work" on Tizen PC/IVI/Mobile, but
for me personally this is somewhere lower on the wish list.

But hey, this is a survey, everyone is free to express own opinion :-)

P.S. FYI, I am not from tools team, I am just the Tizen IVI kernel

Best Regards,
Artem Bityutskiy

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