[Tizen General] [yocto] Build Tizen with yocto work-flow

Kévin THIERRY kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org
Fri Aug 1 15:42:46 GMT 2014

On 01/08/2014 17:28, Alex J Lennon wrote:
> On 01/08/2014 15:38, Kévin THIERRY wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> Can you check if the filesfind-supplements and find-supplements.ksyms
>> exist by trying this please:
>> bitbake rpm-native -c devshell
>> ls -l scripts/find-supplements{,.ksyms}
>> And tell us the output.
> I think it's the bash vs dash issue rearing its head again
That's what I was thinking.
> Replacing
>   install -m 755 scripts/find-supplements{,.ksyms} ${D}${prefix}/lib/rpm
> with
>   install -m 755 scripts/find-supplements ${D}${prefix}/lib/rpm
>    install -m 755 scripts/find-supplements.ksyms ${D}${prefix}/lib/rpm
> in rpm-extraconf.inc got me further, onto an error about a missing "pushd"
> This made me think it was a shall issue and sure enough reconfiguring
> back to bash with
> dpkg-reconfigure dash
> fixed the problem.
> I'm not sure of the Yocto policy on dash vs bash but I've been using
> dash without problems in general for some time now
I don't know either but I think it's best to be compliant with both bash 
and dash, I will try to correct those issues in order to be 
dash-compliant. Thanks a lot for the feedback ;)


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