[Tizen General] [yocto] Build Tizen with yocto work-flow

Alex J Lennon ajlennon at dynamicdevices.co.uk
Sat Aug 2 20:04:34 GMT 2014

On 02/08/2014 20:52, Khem Raj wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 8:35 AM, Alex J Lennon
> <ajlennon at dynamicdevices.co.uk> wrote:
>> I made some progress with a USB installation of Yocto Tizen and a VirtualBox disk.
>> Both a Samsung laptop running from USB and a VirtualBox machine boot, but after mounting the root filesystem they go extremely slowly.
> its a 'sony' laptop per picture :)

Hah. Well spotted! I am glad to see somebody is paying attention Khem ! :-D

>> They get to "failed to get machine ID" and then it's taking a minute or two before new output appears. Then screen goes black and I don't appear to get any further.
> do you have /etc/machine-id file in rootfs ?

No there's no /etc/machine-id on the USB stick...

(NB. I did try generating a video to show the behaviour but VirtualBox
video capture isn't playing ball. It doesn't stop completely at the
machine-id error message. It seems to continue further and I get more
messages. Just very very slowly)



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