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Mats Wichmann m.wichmann at samsung.com
Thu Aug 7 17:08:27 GMT 2014

I heard “for security reasons” (unspecified), all apps have to have a distributor signature now (that is, in the store), and the normal “side loading” process has been somewhat crippled. Which is irritating for developers, you can only load apps that are already keyed to the specific device (as noted in the original post in the thread you point to).

The store itself is out of control of any mere mortals like might be on this list ☹

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Hi everyone,

There seems to be a lot of complaints about the Store atm
Just an example: http://developer.samsung.com/forum/thread/direct-deployment-of-gear-2-applications/201/270565?boardName=SDK&startId=zzzzz~

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