[Tizen General] About SMACK debugging

Hee Cheol Yang hcyang1012 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 05:31:46 GMT 2014

I am porting Tizen on my own board and my current state is in (maybe)
enabling SMACK.
For that, I found that systemd had tried to activiate smack.service but
Unfortunately when I executed 'systemctl status smack.service' command to
see the log, on emergency shell,  it just said that the systemd had
executed  'smackctl apply' command but failed with exit code 1. There was
no printed additional log message to identify the reason why.
One thing that I found is that systemd currently succeeded in mounting
smackfs on /smack
Is there any way to see additional log or information about SMACK to
identify and solve my problem?

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