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Thanks Leon, very interesting indeed.
Could you provide some info about the connectivity of these tablets with
Tizen: wifi, bluetooth, etc

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Leon Anavi <leon at anavi.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I do not think that there a need for any company participating in the
> Tizen Association to provide free Tizen tablets to developers right now.
> There a lot of existing tablets on the market which are compatible with
> Tizen.
> I have been experimenting with the open-source hardware development boards
> of Olimex with Allwinner SoC and recently I bought a cheap tablet with
> Allwinner A20 dual-core ARM CPU and Mali 400 GPU. I was able to boot
> Tizen:Common image on it. The touchscreen was not working but it is a proof
> of the concept for a low budget Tizen tablet.
> There are millions of tablets with Allwinner SoC on the market. You can
> buy such tablet for less than $100. These tablets are shipped with Android
> but Tizen can be booted from microSD card without affecting the original
> Android image so as a result you will get a dual-boot tablet.
> I totally agree with Thiago that a tablet with Tizen:Common will not be
> attractive for end consumers. In the same time such a tablet can be still
> useful in certain cases:
> * Developers will be interested in having a real Tizen device for Tizen
> application development and debugging.
> * Universities can work with the device in course related to operating
> systems. I already had a contact with a couple of universities interested
> in Tizen-sunxi because of this.
> * Embedded developers and freelancers might be interested in a working
> cheap device with screen and a decent case that they can easily integrate
> in small projects for home automation or other IoT fields. The popular
> existing Android and Debian images for Sunxi devices are not that good for
> this and Tizen:Common can fit the gap.
> As a community we are not that far from offering Tizen:Common images for
> Sunxi devices (aka devices with Allwinner SoC). There are 3 key issues that
> we should solve:
> 1. A Linux-sunxi kernel (forked from the Linux kernel) 3.10 or newer to
> support the smack requirements in Tizen:Common.
> 2. A working Mali driver of Tizen and Suxni devices.
> 3. Support of Crosswalk (right now it is not working because of the issue
> with Mali drivers)
> If these three issues are solved it should be possible to boot
> Tizen:Common on OLinuXino, CubieBoard, Banana Pi and to deploy Tizen web
> applications on them directly from Tizen IDE and/or SDB.
> Thanks,
> Leon
> On 2014-08-20 09:22, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> On Tuesday 19 August 2014 21:50:09 Thiago Macieira wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 20 August 2014 03:36:55 Olivier Nyssen wrote:
>>> > Thanks for the replies, guys.
>>> > A wifi tablet has many advantages imo: it's a very simple device, it
>>> can
>>> > be
>>> > made rapidly and it doesn't interfere with existing marketing programs.
>>> > This device would be a real "community" device, 100% open and
>>> > experimental.
>>> > Carsten: couldn't we use an Enlightenment UI on a Tizen tablet ?
>>> Who's going to pay for that device?
>> Let me make the question clear: why would one of the companies involved
>> pay
>> for such a device?
>> Companies aren't involved out of the goodness of their hearts. They have a
>> business objective behind the actions they do. So can you give me a
>> business
>> reason why one of the involved companies would fund a Tizen tablet?
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