[Tizen General] The Tizen Project is broken. We will be spending some time apart.

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Sun Aug 24 18:15:05 GMT 2014

On 08/22/14 11:00, Bob Summerwill wrote:
> The fact that there has been NO REPLY whatsoever to this mail a week
> later speaks volumes about the state of the Tizen Project.
> I've been watching various recorded presentations from LinuxCon in the
> last couple of days.   LinuxCon is organized by the Linux Foundation,
> but I've seen no mention whatsoever of Tizen at the conference.  
> Please could somebody in a position of influence within the Tizen
> Project make at least some response?  

Position of Influence != me.  This is just me as an individual. Don't
necessarily expect to hear from such a person here (at least not at the
level of influence you seem to be after).

Bob, I have to say that your original post didn't really read like it
was fishing for a response.  My own personal reaction is not one of
major disagreement with your positions. There's a lot to be fixed, and
the spate of governance and other activities ramping up for Tizen 3.0
don't seem to have had a lot of influence on the kind of things you were
complaining about (not yet, at least). It's frustrating. I'll observe
that the Tizen platform development community seems to be pretty healthy
and humming along nicely in the absence of very public roadmaps,
released devices, and such like.  Like you, I'd personally worry about
building a third-party business plan with things looking this unpredictable.

on to...

LinuxCon in general is running colocated mini-confs for Tizen and a
number of other projects.  If a talk proposal that happens to focus on
Tizen gets accepted for one of the main LinuxCon tracks, so be it, but
at a LinuxCon/CloudOpen Tizen would not be expected to be a main focus
area. You'll see that from the call for proposals - the focus is more
general that such a specific project as Tizen. So you'll probably see
Tizen activties only at the miniconf, which may or may not even have an
internet presence.  I make no comment on that setup, just reporting that
it's the way it is.  [Information Note: I'll be doing a Tizen
presentation at the LinuxCon Europe miniconf in  October, so I know
there will be some presence there]


Some IoT things look like they may happen in the context of the Open
Interconnect Consortium (openinterconnect.org), which has key Tizen
participants as founding members.  I haven't heard a lot of Tizen
wording around the founding of that group, but I'm assuming that there
will be synergy here (again, just personal opinions).


-- mats

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