[Tizen General] Fuse Android with Tizen

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Aug 27 23:33:03 GMT 2014

On Wednesday 27 August 2014 23:06:33 Simon Maurer wrote:
> Hi folks
> Will Tizen support the Wayland protocol? If so, you might be interested
> in my project called Gentroid. The goal is to run Android apps natively
> (without an emulator) on my x86-64 Gentoo Linux machine.

Hello Simon

Tizen does already support Wayland in the Tizen 3.0 in-development version. 
We've been using it especially for the IVI profile for well over a year. X is 
also still supported and will be available for some time until we manage to 
port away the remaining pieces of software that still depend on X.

When you say "natively (without an emulator)", do you mean that you're running 
Dalvik and/or ART directly? How have you managed to compile it without Bionic? 
Are you using libhybris?

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