[Tizen General] Drivers for keyboard, mouse and ethernet

Michael Johnson Michael.Johnson at Symphonyteleca.com
Thu Aug 28 11:03:40 GMT 2014


I'm using IVI.  Actually Geoffroy offered a possible solution as below:

Another alternative is to build your own ‘clean’ image by slightly modifying the kickstart file.

E.g.: pick up the latest kickstart file:

And add this in the %post section somewhere

# Add a rule to load the atkbd driver on <your machine>
cat > /etc/udev/rules.d/99-atkbd.rules <<EOF
KERNEL=="id", SUBSYSTEM=="dmi", ATTR{sys_vendor}=="VMware, Inc.", RUN+="/sbin/modprobe atkbd"

You’ll have to adjust the sys_vendor to your own machine or you could make the rule much more generic to unconditionally load atkbd (if you don’t care about boot time for now).

That’s not quite the same as getting a ‘clean’ image but it’s close ;-)

I'll be trying that soon.


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27.08.2014 at 19:47 Michael Johnson <Michael.Johnson at symphonyteleca.com> wrote:

Hi all,

Any chance we can add the atkbd module and the r8168 ethernet driver module to the kernel?  I'm using a Dell Vostro as a target machine, and have to set up a VM every time I need to build the ethernet driver for a new image, since I can't use the network on the target to install the development rpms.

Which profile are you using? Common? IVI?

I've kept copies of the ethernet driver for the images I've already built for, but going forward, it would save me a lot of hassle having to do this for each new release.

I think, that on [Dev] ML your message might get better response. Also there is another solution: you can send patch for review on gerrit <https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/#/> :)



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