[Tizen General] [Dev] Download OBS package source files

Rick Liu rickliu at broadcom.com
Tue Dec 2 21:37:43 GMT 2014


I'm trying to download Tizen OBS [https://build.tizen.org] project Tizen:Common to my private OBS server.
Is there any way I could get OBS access using "osc" command?

I have also tried to clone the git repo from Tizen Gerrit [https://review.tizen.org].
But I don't see the complete file sets in git repo comparing with OBS package source files.

Use Tizen:Common gcc49 [https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=gcc49&project=Tizen%3ACommon] as an example.
I cloned the git repo from "git://review.tizen.org/platform/upstream/gcc49",
and checkout the git tag "submit/tizen_common/20141114.105626".

I can find SPEC files, rpmlintrc files are under "packaging/",
but I can't find the patch files (shown in Tizen OBS [https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=gcc49&project=Tizen%3ACommon]).


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