[Tizen General] how to start enlightment or X in tizen 3.0

Leon Anavi leon at anavi.org
Thu Nov 20 10:05:11 GMT 2014

Hi Marico,

On 2014-11-20 11:42, Marico Xu wrote:
> 1. After flash the packages from the daily build to the platform, the
> system boot up successfully, but the display still show the blank, and
> I didn't see "/dev/fb0" in the system, then should it be ok? And how
> to fix the blank issue?

Are you using frame buffer or you have graphical acceleration enabled on 
this board?

Recently I had a blank screen issue on Radxa Rock while I was using 
Weston and wayland with frame buffer support and I solved by settings 
the resolution with fbset before launching Weston.

> 2. It seems that in tizen3.0 we don't need X at all, and just use
> wayland, right? And then I want to start enlightenment without X but
> it failed.

Actually Tizen:Common 3.0 is available with Wayland or with X11. 
Although Wayland is preferred. Have a look at the available images here:

The Tizen:Common with Wayland comes with Weston (a reference 
implementation of a Wayland compositor) which is started by systemd unit 
called display-manager-run.service. This services executes the following 
command to start Weston:

/usr/bin/weston --backend=fbdev-backend.so -i0 --log=%h/weston.log

Best regards,

> How should I add the parameter to "enlightenment_start" to start
> wayland successfully?
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