[Tizen General] Tizen Tablet

Leon Anavi leon at anavi.org
Tue Nov 25 23:39:48 GMT 2014

Hi All,

Last week at Slush 2014 both Nokia and Jolla revealed tablets with Intel 
Atom 64-bit CPUs powered respectively by Android and SailfishOS. Later 
it was announced that Nokia N1 will be manufactured by Foxconn.

Similar devices seem as a good choice for potential development of a 
Tizen tablet or a Tizen IoT home controller profile based on 
Tizen:Common. It should be possible get Linux kernel 3.14 (LTSI) running 
on these tablets and to make them fully Tizen 3 compliant.

Is there an Intel reference tablet (with technical specifications 
similar to Nokia N1 or Jolla tablet) available for developers?



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