[Tizen General] Intel Compute Stick

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Fri Jan 9 15:53:48 GMT 2015

On 01/08/15 09:48, Leon Anavi wrote:
> Hi Olivier,
> I also read about the Intel Compute Stick earlier today. In my opinion
> it is very unlikely to be shipped with Tizen but it should be
> compatible. The Common and IVI Tizen 3 profiles are not suitable for TV
> and I think that the TV Tizen 3 profile is not ready at the moment.

I didn't interpret the announcement as being a "TV device" but rather a
fairly general purpose device which uses a TV as its monitor. I guess
we'll see...

Anyway this sounds promising. Hope it works out better than WiDi did, I
don't know if that ever became workable on Linux, although I seem to
recall there was some kind of open source driver eventually.

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