[Tizen General] About writing book for tizen application development

Leon Anavi leon at anavi.org
Thu Jan 15 20:57:21 GMT 2015

Hi Ray, Mats,

Mats, thank you for pointing out Tizen Cookbook. Btw the other book that 
you mentioned "Tizen for Dummies" is indeed a bit outdated, because it 
is based on Tizen 2.1, but it available online for free:

Ray, I will be happy to share my experience and to get you in contact 
with Packt Publishing. I will send you a private email to discuss the 

Best regards,

On 2015-01-15 17:10, Mats Wichmann wrote:
> On 01/15/15 05:10, Ray·Bloodworth wrote:
>> Dear Tizen Community Manager
>> I have a question about writing book for tizen application 
>> development.
>> Our company is a china software company, focus on designing 
>> infotainment
>> s/w to automotive company.
>> At represent we are developing commercial IVI product based on 
>> TizenIVI.
>> We have studied and used TizenIVI platform for two years, and 
>> accumulate
>> some KnowHow about tizen application development.
>> In order to contribute to tizen community and propagate the advantage 
>> of
>> Tizen platform,we plan to write book for tizen application development
>> and publish this book.
>> About writing/publishing book for tizen application development,is 
>> there
>> any apply procedure from tizen community?Would you give me some 
>> advice?
> Just speaking as an individual reader, more Tizen material is always
> good!  You should be aware of the two Tizen books that are currently on
> the market - the Tizen Cookbook (Packt) by Leon Anavi, who is a 
> frequent
> participant in these lists; and Professional Tizen Application
> Development (WROX) - to make sure what you're providing will have some
> unique material to present. (There was also the Tizen for Dummies 
> effort
> which is probably somewhat out of date now).  Since you're working in
> the IVI space, that should not be a problem.
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