[Tizen General] About writing book for tizen application development

Ray·Bloodworth k870818319 at outlook.com
Mon Jan 19 02:40:57 GMT 2015

Hi, all
   Thanks for your reply!
   Sorry for late..
   This is chinese book for chinese developer. And it aims at chinese engineer since littile of them know about tizen.

   Because we work for vehicle manufacturer, most sections of this book are about IVI.

   Do you know is there any limitation, permission or licence needed for publishing this book?



From: Leon Anavi
Date: 2015-01-16 04:57
To: Mats Wichmann; Ray·Bloodworth
CC: general
Subject: Re: [Tizen General] About writing book for tizen application development
Hi Ray, Mats,
Mats, thank you for pointing out Tizen Cookbook. Btw the other book that 
you mentioned "Tizen for Dummies" is indeed a bit outdated, because it 
is based on Tizen 2.1, but it available online for free:
Ray, I will be happy to share my experience and to get you in contact 
with Packt Publishing. I will send you a private email to discuss the 
Best regards,
On 2015-01-15 17:10, Mats Wichmann wrote:
> On 01/15/15 05:10, Ray·Bloodworth wrote:
>> Dear Tizen Community Manager
>> I have a question about writing book for tizen application 
>> development.
>> Our company is a china software company, focus on designing 
>> infotainment
>> s/w to automotive company.
>> At represent we are developing commercial IVI product based on 
>> TizenIVI.
>> We have studied and used TizenIVI platform for two years, and 
>> accumulate
>> some KnowHow about tizen application development.
>> In order to contribute to tizen community and propagate the advantage 
>> of
>> Tizen platform,we plan to write book for tizen application development
>> and publish this book.
>> About writing/publishing book for tizen application development,is 
>> there
>> any apply procedure from tizen community?Would you give me some 
>> advice?
> Just speaking as an individual reader, more Tizen material is always
> good!  You should be aware of the two Tizen books that are currently on
> the market - the Tizen Cookbook (Packt) by Leon Anavi, who is a 
> frequent
> participant in these lists; and Professional Tizen Application
> Development (WROX) - to make sure what you're providing will have some
> unique material to present. (There was also the Tizen for Dummies 
> effort
> which is probably somewhat out of date now).  Since you're working in
> the IVI space, that should not be a problem.
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