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On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 8:27 AM, Bob Summerwill <bob at summerwill.net> wrote:

> Tizen doesn't have to be a Linux Foundation project to be valuable.
> Samsung are driving.   That is fine.   They should remove the project from
> the Linux Foundation and run it themselves, through the Samsung Open Source
> Center.   I hope that is the plan, and that is why Brian is moving to
> Samsung.   With Brian at Samsung, a real Tizen community can be built with
> that project/community interface rightly being at Samsung, rather than in
> the weird Linux Foundation / Tizen Association / Tizen Steering Group /
> Samsung / Intel soup which has been the official line to this point.

Tizen is essentially a combination of 3 factors: Linux, HTML5 and Samsung,
I've said this many times before: Samsung is the only company in the world
which is able to create a new mobile OS.
Even Huawei, which is a Tizen Association member and world's n°2
manufacturer, prefers a wait-and-see stance.
Samsung has Tizen watches, TVs and a phone, which is crucial of course.
Samsung provides the critical mass this project needs, but there are also 2
small companies which have a Tizen niche device:
1) The Egg: http://www.eggcyte.com/features/
2) Click ARM: http://www.imasdtecnologia.com/clickarm/index.php/en/
Congrats to these 2 companies, they will be very well received by our
community imo :)
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