[Tizen General] Who has admin rights for pipermail? Quarantined e-mails.

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Jun 26 21:19:03 GMT 2015

On Friday 26 June 2015 12:04:07 Ben Lloyd Pearson wrote:
> Subsequently, if this is a matter of simply needing an additional human to
> help moderate or administer these lists "I volunteer as tribute" so to say.
> I do the same for the Samsung open source group in addition to other
> sys-admin-type stuff. I would just need to be given access.

Actually, it's not...

We can't find the password to this list. The one I passed to the new moderators 
doesn't work, even though I thought I had tested it before passing them.

We went through several sets of passwords because whenever someone said "mine 
doesn't work", the sysadmins reset it to a new one, which prompted someone 
else to complain and cause a new reset...

And that's exactly what we'll have to do now.
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