[Tizen General] LinuxCon EU: Tizen Community Informal Meeting

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Fri Oct 9 17:52:12 GMT 2015

Hi Ben, All,

On 6.10.2015 13:23, Ben Lloyd Pearson wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Leon and I had a brief discussion this morning and we'd like to setup an
> informal meeting for anyone involved in the Tizen community who is
> attending LinuxCon EU. This could be a good opportunity for us to meet
> each other in person and catch up on some of the work we are all doing
> in Tizen.
> We'd like to have it during the coffee break tomorrow, Wednesday October
> 7 from 10:00 - 10:30 AM. If you can't stay the entire time, that is
> perfectly fine just drop by when you can. If you can make it, meet us at
> the Samsung booth in the corner of the Expo hall (next to one of the
> blue food carts).
Thank you very much for arranging the meeting and the demos with Tizen 
on Raspberry Pi 2 during LinuxCon. I hope that this type of informal 
meetings can boost our Tizen community.

Following our discussions during the community meeting I have submitted 
a change to the upstream of meta-tizen which fixes an issue with the 
dial-number script: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/49245

I have already tested successfully the same change on Tizen for 
Raspberry Pi 2 using this fork of tizen-distro: 

The step by step instructions about Bluetooth pairing Tizen 3 device to 
a smartphone and making a phone through dial-number script are available 
at the Tizen wiki: 

The simple "Hello World" app that I use to verify that Crosswalk works 
on Tizen:Common is available at GitHub: just clone the code and run make 
to generate the wgt file: https://github.com/leon-anavi/helloTizen

Btw today I accidentally broke my MinnowBoard MAX because I plugged a 
wrong power supply :( As a result my MinnowBoard MAX is no longer 
working so I did some tests of my latest change on Intel NUC and 
HummingBoard. It will be nice if someone with a working MinnowBoard MAX 
can try out my change at meta-tizen related to ofono and ofono-test recipes.

Best regards,

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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