[Tizen General] IPv6 support in Tizen OS

Gerardo Viviers gviviers at ripe.net
Wed Jan 6 10:49:22 GMT 2016

Hi everybody,

I work in the Training Services department of the RIPE NCC, one of the regional Internet registries that distributes IP address space. (http://www.ripe.net)

Thanks to an article about Samsung’s new fridge that uses Tizen OS, I came to know about Tizen and became interested in it’s IPv6 capabilities.

We are gathering data about support for IPv6 in household devices and would like to know if all the devices that run Tizen OS have full support for IPv6. If not, what kind of support for IPv6 does it have?

If this is not the place to ask, please redirect me! :)

Thank you!


Gerardo Viviers
RIPE NCC Training Services
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