[Tizen General] Apps installation issues on samsung gear s2.

Siva sivakrishnareddy.yaramala at incubesol.com
Mon Jan 18 08:34:41 GMT 2016

Dear all, 
I got samsung gear s2 device recently,i was able to see the the device on sdb devices.I am trying to install wgt and tpk apps(sample apps) on my gear s2 device by using ' sdb install app ' command . While installing, it is giving below errors and exiting .I was able to run these apps on emulator without any issues. 

    * FATAL_ERROR [61] failed. (for tpk) 
    * SIGNATURE_INAVALID [22] failed.(for wgt) 

Do i need to follow any specific procedure for building and installing sample apps on target device. 
Please help me for fixing these issues on my device. 

Thanks in advance. 

Siva Krishna Y. 

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