[Tizen General] IoTivity interop on Wind River Linux

jinmin jinmin at samsung.com
Sat Jul 30 03:01:40 GMT 2016

For your information, iotcon APIs are included in tizen-common daily
snapshot image. 

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On 07/29/2016 07:58 AM, tizen at encambio.com wrote:

> By the way, my Artik 10 with a stock OS (Fedora based) completely 
> lacks IoTivity and has no way to build it even after installing scons, 
> boost, and all the other mass of dependencies. Is the Artik module 
> architecture supposed to be this weak on IoT?

I'm able to build on Fedora (that's on an ordinary x86_64 host though), so a
little surprising you can't get it to build.  maybe, to parrot Phil, might
want to take it to the iotivity list.

> If not, why doesn't it ship with Tizen rather than Fedora?

you could try one of the images being built automatically, today's link is


there's an article on doing this without blowing away the internal fedora


tizen is producing a wrapper library called iotcon, this is the way you're
expected to talk to iotivity. iotcon is at least in current 3.0 mobile
snapshots, less certain what's in the tizen-common images but I expect it's

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